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Sports nutrition and hydration

Replenishing fluid (drinking) is critical to delivering performance. Are you a recreational or professional athlete? Both (pre) hydration and rehydration are vital for maximum performance.


Sports nutrition as a source of energy

Make sure that you have enough energy available during your performance to achieve the maximum result. Take your efforts for more than an hour? Then energy supplements during the race, ride, match, … are crucial. Click here for more information about supply.


Sports nutrition for your recovery

Well recover after your exercise is the basis for a growing condition and performance curve. Many of us feel the damage due to that intense and / or long effort the next day. Help your body to recover immediately after exercise. This gives you a better sense in your sport.

Basic health

Supplements as support for basic health

Health is the primary need if we want to achieve top performances. Do you want to prepare yourself for a city jogging or a world championship? For everyone it’s the same: we need to nourish, monitor and strengthen our health

Svensson Eventkalender

Where can you meet us?

Info events: after two hours you come out with a clear insight into nutrition and sports nutrition. We give you useful tips that you can directly use.

Test events: every weekend, we are on a tour throughout Flanders. Taste there our beverages. After your ride you may seek your advice or you can purchase your products in our “Svensson pop-up store”.


Sports nutrition and supplements

Where can you buy us?

Svensson is an online shop with delivery in Europe

  • Rapid and reliable delivery in 4/5 working days
  • Sport products compliant with regulations anti-doping

You can contact us from Monday to friday on 0032/50729220

Specific tailored sports schedules

Here you can look at your specific sport schedule depending on your type of sport, level and age?

For additional questions you can always consult our advisers via our contact form.

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