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Prepare for top performances

Preparing your body for a top performance is going to  prepare a clear schedule for performance.

Top performances:

A groundbreaking thought,

A groundbreaking preparation,

A groundbreaking performance,

And a groundbreaking satisfaction remedy.

But realizing the top performance will never be easier, only you will get better

SupplementenWhen using supplements ?

To achieve maximum “exceptional” performance, you must be especially prepared. First of all, this means that as an amateur you will have to live temporarily and partly as a professional athlete:

  • Sports hygiene as a prof: Basic sports health: healthy as a basis for good sports performance.
  • Have a regular screening by a sports doctor
  • Use the appropriate additional resources to temporarily strengthen and improve your body, of course in a healthy and admitted manner
  • Get to know your body by moving your limits during the initial training phase as you will have to do during the performance itself. You can not ride the mythical mountains without cycling enough heightmeters. You do not run a marathon if you never passed the 28-32K wall. You do not play a super tournament if you have never completed successive successes with shortened recovery times.
  • Make sure your body is in excellent condition for your performance. Start with some obesity: no problem. By wisely dealing with the balance of energy intake versus energy consumption, you can ensure that at the right time you just reached your ideal weight for such performance. During this period, your diet will be of vital importance: during the period, you will consume more protein in order not to lose your muscle mass.