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Regain and retain your ideal weigth during and beyond the season

Weight is one of the most common concerns in sports, both for athletes who want to gain weight (muscle mass), and athletes who want to lose weight.

Weight is a stumbling block in sports with weight classes, but also in all other sports: every extra pound  you must push, get up, get carried away … is one pound that requires extra energy and makes it more difficult to push your goals and to improve.

In addition, many people fight with their weight for aesthetic reasons and sports is a support in helping to optimize their physique. But by just start exercising while reducing their power, they burn their muscle mass and will reduce your chances of success

The figures show how easily you lose weight, how to keep your weight on track and even allowed to increase weight.

The only way to bring the correct and consistent implementation of a healthy weight looks more like a cobblestone path than a cycling track. There are daily several moments where we could easily get out of the way, experience a flat tire or even simply crash.

The chance to successfully control your weight is depended of a few things.

Regardless of the Kcal-intake is the difference in how quickly you start to feel satisfied.

Proteins provide much faster and more satisfaction than carbohydrates, fats and alcohol. This is because the recording time is much longer.

Moreover, proteins give almost no habituation, making you less likely to consume more  to be saturated.

 Weight loss

To increase the chances of success, there are some simple tricks that will help you easier to reach your goal.

How do you learn from your failure moments?
How do you avoid bingeing crash?
How do you reduce stress bingeing?

Eating a little snack 30 minutes before your meal gives already more satisfaction

In short: how to improve the road to successful weight management by 300%.

Whether you want to lose weight, to maintain lean muscle is during slimming treatment / increased training effort, whether you want to maintain muscle mass during aging. Movement and extra-proteins in combination with less fat and carbohydrates are the solution.