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Carbohydrates vs. carbohydrates

Not all types of carbohydrates are ideal for any effort. The balance type of carbohydrate may be best suited to the type of exercise you do.

Carbohydrates are classified according to their glycemic index. The glycemic index provides an estimate of how quickly blood sugar rises after eating carbohydrates:

  • Fast sugars have a GI around 70 or higher
  • Slow sugars have a GI around 55 or lower.

The trick is to maintain your sugar levels as stable as possible during the whole effort and to end the effort with a reserve of energy so that the healing process can start immediately.

In addition to the energy bars from sports specialty shops, there are some simple products from your daily shop also considered as a basis (solid) diet during the performance: gingerbread, sultana cookies, banana ...

The energy delivered by that kind of food is enough within the first two hours of low intensity (5 -7kcal / hour) effort  if you supplement them with 500ml isodrink per hour.

Gels and Isodrink are an ideal complementary feeding during your performance:

1 Svensson Energy gel  + 500 ml Svensson Isodrink = 60 g Carbohydrates.

This amount is sufficient for 85% of all athletes and sports.

Voedingsgel Cappucino

When do you use what kind of gel ?

Unlike many other gels the  Svensson Energy gel provides you always with 30 g carbohydrate, with a triple  profile: fast, medium and slow. The various gels are going to help you at any time to provide the right support:

  • Endurance gel ensures that you can continue: "the power to go on and on"

⇒a gel useful in all sports, also contains electrolytes to help reduce moisture loss during exercise.

This gel ensures that you can continue

  • Booster gel: a gel with 35 mg caffeïne:"The Power to go on and keep focused."

⇒ Power en focus: This gel gives you extremely fast a tangible difference with the surplus of an extra mental boost: Power and focus.

  • Finale gel: the gel with 75 mg caffeïne specifically for the finals: "The Power to go on and fight."

⇒ The gel for when it really counts, in the final, a climb, sprint, ... or if you as an amateur will go for another tough challenge ( fight yourself on that mountain, that sprint, that game, the 30k wall .. .)