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Healthy nutrition is the cornerstone of everyone's health.

What is healthy food?

  1. The right food products in accordance with the food pyramid
  2. Ensure a balance of energy: intake versus energy
  3. Try to eat as diverse as possible: all the nutrients have different types of nutrients, but also more and more about certain toxins or contaminants due to pollution. (Think of heavy metals in the sea, hormones in groundwater sprays in specific crops, ...). Not all are directly harmful to humans, but still requires a considerable effort by the body to process them or try to remove them from the body or store them.
  4. Sin with reason and moderation: sometimes even allow yourself to eat less healthy better for morale as long as you pay attention to the degree.

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The food pyramid in terms of our daily lives

Today, our body is constantly challenged and sometimes appears that the above food pyramid is difficult to achieve for you.

If you apply an intensive professional career or you combine your profession with  a regular exercise program, it is therefore recommended to provide additional support to your body.

It is therefore recommended to support your body with a good daily multi-vitamin and a sufficiently active antioxidant complex as a basis.

This combination will give your body the necessary additional materials to complete on the one hand your daily program and on the other hand to liberate your body from radicals caused by stress, exertion and to continue to help suppress pollution in the environment. A basic multivitamin and / or antioxidant supports the optimal functioning of your body and limited suffered damage to a minimum, so you can longer enjoy a healthy body.